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Renting Process

Decide on an area

Step 1. Firstly you need to decide on which area or development you want to live in, several factors that could influence this decision would be renting close to you work place, children`s school or near family and friends. Although you may be looking for a sea view or close to recreational and sports activities.

Work out your finances

Step 2. When renting an apartment or villa the annual or monthly rent will depend mostly on what you can afford and your income or salary. Make sure you add in the costs of electricity, water, satellite and internet packages along with any other extra charges. Owners and Landlords tend to offer a reduction in rent if this is paid up front on a yearly basis on the other hand it may be more convenient for you to pay monthly this we will help you discuss with the Owners and Landlords in advance.

Have your paperwork ready

Step 3. Most Owners and Landlords will keep a copy of your passport when you rent a property from them. It`s best to make copies of all your important documents in advance as you will also need them when connecting telephone, water, electricity and internet. You should also have copies of your valid residence visa and driving licence just to be on the safe side. Ask your designated Smith & Ken consultant and they can guide you more on this process and answer any questions.

Choose an agent/agency

Step 4. When you instruct Smith & Ken to be your prefered local agent for finding the perfect rental property for you and your family we aim to please. You are instructing a registered company with the Government of Dubai Land Department Approved RERA Real Estate Agent Registration Number 928. Therefore you`ll be safe in our hands as we are fully licensed with all regulatory departments.

Rental property viewings

Step 5. Most of our clients here at Smith & Ken want to see a good range of properties before making their final decision. This can be done in mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends to fit in with your schedule. Simply call your consultant and they will arrange all this on your behalf with a confirmation call to you with times when complete.

Making an offer

Step 6. After viewing all the properties with your Smith & Ken consultant you may want to make an offer to the Owners and Landlords on a certain price, some may also be flexible with payment plans and also give reductions on full payments in advance for the year.

Agreeing to rent

Step 7. Once you have accepted your rental offer you really only need to agree with the Owner or Landlord on a moving in date. Now this can depend on whether the property is occupied with a tenant already or if it is vacant in which case it`s easier. Thereafter it`s only a case of connecting your telephone, electricity, water and internet and you can move in.
We will advise on your behalf throughout this process, keeping you informed every step of the way in case you need us.

Tenancy Contract & Deposit

Step 8. As with all steps in the rental process it is part of our service here at Smith & Ken that we prepare a rental agreement unless the owner or landlord has one specifically for their property. Our agreements are all RERA attested and certified. Once the agreement is finalised your deposit shall be passed onto the owner.

Tenancy contract signed

Step 9. Once your Tenancy Contract is signed, we will conduct the final inventory screening to ensure the property is ready and waiting for you to move into and enjoy.

Moving Into your home

Step 10. Once all the paperwork and contracts have been signed along with the deposit and the balance payment you are ready to move into your new home. At Smith & Ken we can also advise you on removal companies to use or other useful information such as schools that are close by and perhaps recreational activities. We hope you enjoy you new home and remember we are only a phone call away if you need any follow up assistance or support.

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