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Tenant's Guide

Renting a property can, even at the best of times, be a daunting and frustrating experience without the right advice.

So before you start your search, why not use our Tenant's Guide to give you the basic knowledge and tools to take the first step in finding that special place you call home.



Any person of any nationality with a valid U.A.E residence visa and current bank account with a personal cheque book can rent a property in Dubai.


Documents Required

By an Individual:
  • Passport
  • Residency Visa
  By a company:
  • Trade License
  • Trade License
  • Passport of the Company Owner
  • Passport of the tenant
  • Residency of the Tenant

Tenancy Contract Forms

Tenancy Contracts are usually for a period of one year and renewable thereafter.


Payment Terms

To rent a property in Dubai, Landlords accept payments in the form of a cheque either from a personal or company UAE bank account. Payment terms depend on the Landlord, but can range from either one cheque for the duration of the tenancy or up to 12 cheques but either way all the cheques are required to be given upon signing the Tenancy Contract. There is also an initial 5% of the value of the Tenancy Contract required as a security deposit to be held by the Landlord.


Any fee's involved?

There are no service charges involved as this is the responsibility of the Landlord; however, there is a municipality tax of 5% of the annual rent which is shown separately on your electricity bill. In addition, Smith & Ken charges an Agency fee of 5% of the Tenancy Contract amount which shall not be less than AED 5000 as well as an Ejari Registration fee of AED 260.


How do I Rent a Property?

Smith & Ken will find you the property that best suits both your needs and requirements. Once we find the property you're looking for and a price is agreed with the Landlord, a security deposit amount of 5% is required at the contract signing stage of the Tenancy Contract which is payable to the Landlord. Once the Tenancy Contract has been signed by both you and the Landlord, Smith & Ken will hand over the keys to you and ensure DEWA connection has been completed. Upon completion of the above, the Agency fee of 5% is payable to Smith & Ken along with the AED 599 for DEWA connection.


Can I sub-let the Property?

No you are not allowed to sub-let the property. This is against the rules of the UAE.


How do I connect electricity and water?

Smith & Ken can do this on your behalf provided a fee of AED 599 is paid to Smith & Ken. For all details of connections and transfers, please www.dewa.gov.ae or call +971 324 4444.


Are pets allowed?

They are allowed at the discretion of the Landlord or Developer; however some communities do not allow pets and is stated in the community rules.


Are Properties equipped with appliances?

The majority of properties in Dubai are not equipped with appliances.


Can I alter the structure of the property?

No, you are not allowed to make changes without written permission from the Landlord. This will include painting and fixtures and fittings.


Can the Landlord increase in the following year?

Rental prices are governed by the Rental Index issued by RERA. Please speak to Smith & Ken to check on the current conditions.

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