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Why use Smith & Ken Relocation?

Smith & Ken Relocation aims to provide a WOW experience for every single one of our clients, We Listen, We Act and We Deliver

Having over 10 years of expat experience, our team offers invaluable knowledge and experience that you cannot find on the internet or in guide books. Every member of the team has personally experienced the relocation process; therefore we understand that a highly personalized service is the key in creating and maintaining our successful client relationships. We also understand that each and every clients .

EURA Registered

Smith & Ken Relocation is a worldwide member of EURA meaning we have relationships with relocation management companies, freight companies and relocation agencies all over the world to help your relocation a smooth one!

Faster Introduction to Dubai

With our knowledge and expertise; you will have an immediate introduction to all aspects of being a resident in the UAE. Instead of trawling the internet to discover answers to some trivial questions, we will already have the answers for you.

Less Time Spent on Handling Local Administration

One of the major frustrations in relocating to a new country is dealing with Local Administration. Smith & Ken Relocation will oversee that your Local Administration requirements are dealt with smoothly and accurately.

Reduction in Anxiety

Having a dedicated Smith & Ken Relocation Agent will greatly reduce the amount of anxiety you and your family will face in relocating. Smith & Ken Relocation ensure that all of your questions are answered throughout the relocation process to provide peace of mind.

Employee Satisfaction

A happy employee is a productive employee. By appointing Smith & Ken Relocation to handle the whole relocation process, we ensure that your employees can focus on their work while we take care of making sure they are settled in their home environment.

Faster Return on Investment

The faster an employee is settled in their new country the more productive they will be. Smith & Ken Relocation aims to ensure that the employee and their family are settled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Management Time is not Wasted

Recruiting new employees from overseas consumes a lot of time for Management in answering questions relating to the relocation process. By choosing Smith & Ken Relocation, these questions will be answered by our expert Relocation Agents so your Management time can be used more effectively.

Minimize Risk in Employee Failure

The main reason for employee failure is the lack of preparation for this life changing experience. Smith & Ken Relocation help to prepare your employees by assisting with their relocation whilst still in their origin country making sure they are as prepared as possible for their arrival as well as throughout the entire relocation process until they are completely settled in their host country.

Concentrate on New Position

The number one reason for a relocation is to start a new job; by using Smith & Ken Relocation we can allow you to settle in to your new position whilst being settled in your home environment with the least amount of stress.

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