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Why Use Smith & Ken To Manage Your Owners' Association?

When deciding which Owners' Association Management company to engage, we believe the most important factor should be the added values and benefit of the services to be provided to your Community.

We have highlighted 9 reasons why you should choose Smith & Ken Community Management:


Being the leaders in the Dubai Real Estate Market, Smith & Ken Group of Companies has won multiple awards across the industry. The results simply speak for themselves.

Although the Smith & Ken Community Management Division opened in early 2013, we have employed some of the most highly qualified and experienced staff in Dubai to ensure we deliver what we promise. Our promise is to deliver World Class Professional Management at the highest quality possible at all times.


Smith & Ken Community Management has created the best systems and processes that have evolved to become World's Best Practice with a "what works best" approach from preparing a Development for handover to an Owners' Association and the ongoing management.

These systems, processes have been implemented in our business model and experienced personnel have been employed to ensure they are followed. We ensure our strategies are tailored specifically to any given development.

Discount Program

Smith & Ken Community Management has added benefits over and above its competitors in being able to offer an "All Under One Roof" Service. We are committed to providing our Associations only the best!

Upon engagement of our Community Management services, we acknowledge and appreciate your commitment to us by returning the favor. The "All Under One Roof" package gives Owners 15% off on all services undertaken by Smith & Ken Group of Companies for any Unit within their portfolio.

Customer Service

Our Friendly Customer Focused Personnel are rigorously trained in all areas and are capable of assisting with any enquiry relating to your Association. We speak a vast range of languages including, English, Arabic, Russian, Philippine / togalo, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi, Creole, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Hungarian, Danish, Greek and Turkish.

Our Team

The Smith & Ken Community Management team is made up of the most experienced, qualified and knowledgeable professionals in Dubai. Our innovative team is enthusiastic in their approach and ready to tackle any challenges that may arise.

Association Bank Account

We intend on registering your Board as earliest as possible to enable us to open an independent bank account for your Association. This will allow us to setup Credit Card Payment Options for Owner's which in turn will increase Service Charge collections significantly.


The 'FIXIT' App allows any Owner or Tenant to take a photo of any noticeable issues (repairs etc) within your Community. Once the necessary data is entered into the app and uploaded, it is sent instantly to a Department that takes the necessary actions to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Strataware Software

No doubt you want to find a Tenant for your property as soon as possible? Take advantage of our database of over 5,000 private and corporate Tenants and find a Tenant for your property today!

MyCommunity Software

The Software interface of My-Community provides Owner's and Tenant's an opportunity to interact with one another in creating a cleaner, efficient and happier community. It also gives Owner's the ability to remotely access their account from anywhere in the world.

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