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Owner Association Management

Our objective at Smith & Ken Community Management from the outset is to ensure that your asset continues to increase in value by implementing the most efficient systems and procedures in the day to day operations of your Association.

The Dubai Jointly Owned Property Law No. 27 and its Regulations specifies that an Owners' Association, or Developer must appoint a Licensed Owners' Association Management Company to oversee its Secretarial, Financial, Administrative and Managerial functions. This is enforced once the First Unit is handed over.

We ensure all facets are meticulously covered as we strive to establish, investigate and administer complex Owners' Associations. Our proven methodology categorizes each foreseeable requirement and is entrenched in our approach.

The Safety of Occupant's in any given Community is of major concern to us and therefore all systems and procedures that are put into effect ensure all necessary steps are taken to reduce any risks and prevent any harm coming to someone within the Community.

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