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Frequently Asked Questions

An Owners Association Board comprises of a Group (5-7) of Members elected by the Owner's at the Annual General Assembly.

The Board is responsible for the management, monitoring and maintenance of Common Areas within Jointly Owned Property where each unit Owner is granted membership at the Owners Association.
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What Is An Owners' Association?

An Owners' Association acts for and on behalf of Owners of any Jointly Owned Property. Jointly Owned Property is any development that has at least 2 separate identities owning more than 1 Unit in a Development. Upon Registration, it forms an entity comprising of all Owners of the Units in an Association. Its main duties include coordinating, maintaining and managing all the Common Areas for the Association, whether it be Residential, Commercial or Retail use. It can sue and be sued.

Owners' Association Management is an extremely specialised field requiring a thorough understanding and application of legal, accounting, insurance and building disciplines as well as the skills of organisation and people management.

The Owners' Association must comply with all statutory requirements as detailed in the Jointly Owned Property Law No. 27 and its Regulations or it will incur severe penalties.


What Are The Duties Of The Owners' Association?

The Owners' Association is the legal identity that is formed when a Developer registers a development with the Dubai Government. It is a legal entity on its own and is made up of all the Owner's in a development as delineated on the Affection/Survey Plan. It is responsible for the day to day running and maintaining of an Owners' Association scheme.

A Licensed Owners' Association Manager must be appointed to manage the scheme, then the Owners' Association can delegate all the powers of the association to them so they have the legal power to run it on a daily basis.


What Are Owners' Association By-Laws?

These Laws are the most effective way of managing an Owners' Association. Effective rules or by-laws ensure that a building is properly maintained by enabling the Owners' Association Manager power to oversee and control all issues as they come to hand i.e. loud noise etc.

It should be noted that By-Laws control both Owner Occupier and Tenants in a development.


Who Appoints The Board Members?

The Board Members are appointed at The Annual General Assemblies which are held annually.


What Does The Owners' Association Insurance Cover?

The Owners' Association insurance policy should cover the full reinstatement cost to rebuild a development to as new condition, it also covers the board in any decisions it makes, all plant and equipment and Loss of rent for Owners if their premises becomes uninhabitable.


What Are The Benefits Of Dealing With Smith & Ken Community Management?

As an Owner of an individual Unit in an Owners' Association, your enjoyment of the property and its ultimate value as an investment is dependant on the effectiveness of the Owners' Association. Therefore you need to ensure that your Owners' Association is managed in a professional and competent way.

We have the knowledge and systems to manage Owners' Association as efficiently and effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and expertise of our managers and we understand and respect the impact this has on the lives of our clients.


Why Is It Important To Appoint A Professional Owners' Association?

The Regulations require the appointment of a Licensed Owners' Association Management Company. The Owners' Association must comply with Law No.27 of 2007, Concerning Ownership of Jointly Owned Properties in the Emirate of Dubai, the Association Constitution issued in accordance with Law No. 27 Regulation and the Master Community Declaration regulation..


When Does An Owners' Association Commence?

In accordance with Article 17 of Law No. 27 of 2007 Concerning Ownership of Jointly Owned Properties in the Emirate of Dubai, an Owners' Association is legally formed when the Developer registers the affection/Survey plan with RERA and they issue an Owners' Association Number on the plan.

The Owners' Association comprises of all the Unit Owners' of the Jointly Owned Property and the Master or Sub-Developer with respect to unsold Units. This membership commences upon Registration as the Owner of the Unit and lapses upon expiry of his/her registration as the Owner of the Unit.

In the ensuing Association Constitution regulation, the first Annual General Assembly must be held within three (3) months after the registration of the Owners' Association and the Master Developer or Sub-Developer, depending on who lodged the Master Community Declaration, shall be responsible for convening the Assembly and ensuring that it is held.

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