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My Smith & Ken: About the Tenants Online Portal

Tenants have a powerful suite of tools and resources to keep on top of the property market in their area.


Features for Tenants using My Smith & Ken

Sign Documents Electronically

Landlords and Tenants no longer have to travel to sign the Tenancy Contract! Just log in and sign it on-line saving a lot of wasted time in traveling through busy streets!

Rent Due Alerts

Not sure when a rental payment is due? Don't worry we will let you know in advance via email!

On-Line Payments

Tenants can make their payments on-line and so can Landlords! Some times there are ad hoc issues that need to be taken care of, if a Landlord is out of town all they have to do is make the payment on-line against the ad hoc issue!

Tenancy Details

Check the start and end dates as well as viewing the Tenancy Contract

Deposit Registration

Our Deposit Protection Scheme gives piece of mind to both the Tenant and Landlord!

Report Copies

Want to see the Moving In Report to make sure you have a documented copy of the property's condition before you moved in? Not an issue, just login!

Maintenance Cases

If there's a maintenance issue on the property you're able to view the damage inspection report, quote to repair, the work assurance report to ensure the repair work was of a high standard and lastly, the invoice that was paid to the Contractor!

Direct Contact with your Property Manager

You can speak to your Property Manager at any time by sending messages back and forth inside the portal! Alternatively, the Property Manager's full contact details are present so you can ring, email or sms them!

Renew with a click

Want to renew the tenancy contract? You can do it with ease with a click of a button and better still, we will upload the new tenancy contract to documents so you can add your autograph electronically!

Before you gain access to all that you need to find a property! Login and take advantage of Smith & Ken's property searching features…

Create a shortlist

You can save and rate your favourite properties and put them in order of preference! With thousands of rental properties to view, creating a shortlist saves you a lot of time in only looking at those you want!

Email favourites to friends

Once you've saved your favourites, you can then email them to as many friends and family to get a second opinion with just one click!

Leave private notes

Haven't got a pen to hand? Not to worry, you can add private notes against each property you save!

Arrange Viewings

Ready to start viewing some of your favourites? No need to call, just click the Arrange Viewing button and one of our Agents will call you straight back!

Send messages to your Estate Agent

Perhaps you don't have time to call? Send to and receive messages from your Agent in discussing your requirements!

Share your shortlist

You can share your favourite properties with your friends and family via social media sites which will include information about your rating and personal notes!

Save searches

Maybe you know specifically the criteria you're searching for? Rather than keep setting the search criteria, you can save the search so that every time you log in the results are already waiting for you!

Create SMS & Email Alerts

Maybe the property you're looking for has yet to come on? Set up email and SMS alerts either daily, weekly or bi-weekly to be the first to know when the property you're looking for becomes available!

Other Features in My Smith & Ken

  1. Buyers

    Search, save and receive SMS and Email Alerts!

  2. Tenants

    Speed up moving in!

  3. Landlords

    Manage your properties on-line!

  4. Sellers

    View users ratings, viewing requests and change your asking price!

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