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RERA Rental Increase Calculator

RERA, The Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency, has devised a rent increase calculator that Landlords and Tenants can assess whether a rental increase is permitted under the Rent Cap Law.

The rent calculator takes into consideration the rents in your neighbourhood and suggests the current rent in the area and if your landlord can ask for an increase, and how much of an increase.

If your landlord is asking for a higher rent than what RERA rent calculator suggests you can take your complaint to the Rent Committee.

However, the view, size, storey height and quality are not taken into account in the calculator. RERA is currently looking into this as many towers in Dubai are seen to be ‘better’ than others. The index is updated every four months. The rental data is collected from several sources such as property leases recorded by the DLD, field surveys conducted in various areas of Dubai; rent adverts on billboards, newspapers, property websites and data collected from real estate companies.

It’s a very useful tool for anyone in the property industry and if you are new to the rental market in Dubai you can check the RERA Rental Increase Calculator for the average rent. This is meant to help regulate the marketplace. Use this tool to help determine whether to increase your rent as a landlord, and check to see rental prices in your neighbourhood as a tenant.

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