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Commercial Seller's Guide

Selling your commercial office or retail property can, even at the best of times, be a daunting and frustrating experience without the right advice. So before you put your property on the market, use our Sellers’ Guide to give you the knowledge and tools to take the first step to selling your property to the right way!


How to list my Property?

In order to successfully list your property for sale with us we need copies of:

Under Construction Property:
  • The 1st page of your Property Sales Agreement
  • A copy of your Passport
  • The payment schedule
  • The receipts for the amounts that you have paid to the Developer
  • The floor plan for the property
  • The keys for the property
Completed Property:
  • The 1st page of your Property Sales Agreement or Title Deed
  • A copy of your Passport
  • The Completion Certificate for Payments
  • The floor plan for the property
  • The keys for the property

Please Note: All completed properties are required to be registered with the Lands Department before a successful transfer can be completed to a new owner. This cost is at the cost of the Seller.


How to register my Property?

Please click on the Selling Section on our website.
  • Refer to “Sell my property
  • Register your details as requested
  • Upload the documents required as per the status of your property i.e. Under Construction or Completed
  • Download our agreement to permit us to market your property at the agreed price
  • Once downloaded please complete the agreement and fax to our Customer Service Helpdesk on +971 4 439 8900
  • Once we have received all of the above, we will contact you to discuss our strategy in selling your property.
Or if that sounds a bit to complicated just call one of our commercial consultants and they will assist you with listing your property with us…..

How will you value my Property?

At Smith & Ken Commercial, we have consultants which focus on specific areas within Dubai who will provide you with up to date market analysis and advice regarding RERA regulations, changing market conditions and trends. We have an in-house research department dedicated to following the market trends, providing our consultants with an un-comparable insight into the property market allowing them to be able to provide you with accurate expectations and unbiased advice.


How will you market my Property?

Smith and Ken have various methods of promoting your property depending on the property type, its location and its unique selling points. We have our branded ‘For Sale’ signboards, coverage on major international and local Internet property portals, and our popular and successful ‘Open Days’. In addition we conduct a variety of networking and direct marketing initiatives that ensure that your property acquires maximum exposure to achieve the sale you’re looking for.


What happens when I agree to Sell?

Once you’ve accepted an offer from a prospective buyer, an agreement known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) needs to be signed between both you and the buyer. This agreement highlights the terms and conditions agreed, and the buyer shall pay a deposit of up to 10% of the value of the agreed price, payable to you but held by Smith & Ken until the transfer date.


Hows does your Sales Progression help me?

Once the MOU has been signed for the sale of your property, the complex and at times stressful process known as a “Transfer”, needs to be conducted in order to transfer the property from your name into the new owners name. At Smith & Ken Commercial, we understand what’s involved, hence the creation of Smith & Ken Sales Progression, the first of its kind in the UAE. Smith & Ken Sales Progression, provides a professional and transparent service via a dedicated team of transfer specialists.

Our Sales Progression team deals with developers, lenders and government bodies on a daily basis and in doing so understand all of the necessary requirements, policies and procedures, as well over time developing strategic relationships that help in efficiently resolving problems that may arise from time to time. In turn freeing you from the need to become a property transfer expert. We will deal with everything on your behalf and should you be unable to attend the transfer, we can arrange to complete the transfer on your behalf under a power of attorney.


What are your Commercial fee`s?

Smith & Ken Commercial charges the Seller 3% of the net selling price for the sale of the property.

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