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Our Culture

Our culture at Smith & Ken is integral to the success of our company.

We spent so much time researching used and trusted methods and philosophies to ensure we created the best working environment possible for the business we're in. Such is our dedication to being the best; we knew that to be the best we had to attract the best. And to attract the best we had to create an environment never seen before in Dubai.

We have created an environment where our team members want to come to work, and give them the belief and direction to achieve more than they could possibly imagine. Such pivotal sayings as "Winners MAKE it Happen" are instilled into our team. Everyone at Smith & Ken makes it happen.

Our philosophy is very simple – providing everyone with a WOW experience. Not just our clients, but all the people who represent everything we stand for as a company. Everywhere in Smith & Ken you will see images of the WOW principles we live by and the Cause Statement we religiously follow.

Our Cause Statement is to "Provide a WOW experience every day in every way" and by doing this we will all commit to living our values and principles. We believe that knowing this by heart will help all of us to question our behavior - our actions - and our decisions to make sure they are aligned and achieved.

So how do we create the culture of producing the best results?

  • We incentivize our team with monthly and quarterly competitions!
  • We reward our team of the month with an all expenses paid for activity!
  • We play fun games every week!
  • We play music throughout the day!
  • We have created the "Chiller" area for our team members to chill out at lunchtime and play on the Xbox, go on Facebook, watch TV or relax on our electric massage chairs!
  • We have a masseuse in the office every week giving our team neck and shoulder massages at their desks!
  • We have a karaoke machine for our weekly karaoke sing offs!
  • We have a red bull machine to boost energy!
  • We have a punching bag to release stress!
  • And most importantly every time a team member does a sale everyone in the office stands up and congratulates them for being a winner because at Smith & Ken we all cheer each other onto victory!



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