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Incentives and Recognition

Everything is about recognition.

When a member of our team has done something well, everyone knows about it and everyone cheers and recognizes that team member. Without our team there would be no Smith & Ken, so as employers our number one priority is ensuring our people feel valued. We’ve had some fantastic moments recognizing our team, so much so, we want to share them with you…



Everyone’s birthday is celebrated on the day, we’re not into the old monthly call outs we like to make it special.



Our married team members receive a signed card from everybody in the office congratulating them and their spouse on their anniversary. In addition, team members also receive a signed card to celebrate the completion of a year of service with Smith & Ken.


Team Players of the Month

Every month we recognize the hard work and efforts of the top performing team members in each of the divisions so whether you’re in Marketing, Sales, Admin, Accounts, Recruitment, Compliance, Conveyance or HR everyone has the chance to be recognized for being the best in their division in that month.


Diamond Club

The Diamond Club awards outstanding individuals wrote write exceptional business over the course of the month.


Senior Negotiators

Every year Senior Negotiator titles are issued to high income earning agents which results in them being promoted. Once promoted, the Senior Negotiator then enters a commission step ladder which results in a higher commission ratio on transactions should they continue to shine.


Annual Awards

The Annual Awards is the big one. This is when the consistent performers are recognized for their incredible achievements and winning these awards takes some going as the competition is intense. There are awards such as Best Sales Negotiator, Best Lettings Negotiator, Best Newcomer, Most Improved, and Colleagues of Exceptional Value (COEV) to name just a few…


Hall of Fame

We like to thank everyone that has worked with Smith & Ken past and present. Without any of them we wouldn’t be where we are today. When you visit our offices, you will see the winners mounted to the wall. Thanks to all of you.


Loyalty Reward Program

Once you’ve completed 2 years with Smith & Ken, you’ll enjoy all the benefits your loyalty deserves by receiving additional annual leave, wedding anniversary or duvet day leave, and longer consecutive days off!


$50,000 guarantee in your first 12 months!

We're so confident in the support, strategy, and results of our Dubai Office, that we guarantee you an amount of $50,000 in your pocket at the end of your first 12 months!* Even better if you're short of that we will make up the difference!


Build your brand within our brand

This enables you to build up your very own brand with our brand and successfully grow your brand over time with the support and guidance of Smith & Ken. Our marketing department will assist you in designing your very own name and logo, which will be added to your business cards, email signatures and all other marketing materials.


Agent Website

Your very own website will include a biography of yourself, all your listings, SOLD properties, real estate advice and client reviews – including youtube videos. Clients will also be able to search for property dependant on area, landmarks, schools and property type. We want you to own your area and will continually keep your websites up to date with the latest news and happenings in your area.


Flexibility Program

The Smith & Ken Flexibility Program is designed for agents that have been with the company for more than 1 year. These experienced agents are still required to work according to the company structure but with the added flexibility of deciding whether to work from home or the office on a Monday or Tuesday. This shows the commitment of Smith & Ken towards the agents and agents towards Smith & Ken, creating a professional and dedicated team.


Private office with Personal Assistant

Imagine having your own private office with personal assistant? The top 5 Sales Agents for the year are entitled to their own office with a shared PA between them. However, if these agents don’t succeed for 2 months, they will have to move out, giving you a chance to have your very own private space. We want all our agents to strive to success and we want each and every agent to have a chance in these offices.

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