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Career Development

At Smith & Ken we consider recruiting new talent as high on our objectives as retaining existing talent.

Smith & Ken has a dedicated Career Development Program which focuses on providing diverse opportunities for all. Our objective is to promote from within 90% of the time (you should never say always if it’s not possible). Our Program teaches our Team Members that Career Progression is as much about moving sideways as it is moving upwards. In Smith & Ken we have so many different divisions that it offers our People the opportunity to grow and experience all areas and divisions of Real Estate.


We have the ability to recognize talent through our Performance Management process and we even have dedicated Career Managers who sit with you and plan your future every 6 months.

How many times do you see a Job Advert and the employer is asking for experience in real estate? When our CEO created Smith & Ken at 24 did he have experience of managing a large multi-cultural organization? No, but given the opportunity, look what he has achieved. This is the same type of ethos we apply to our recruitment strategy. We know through our Training Academy and Induction Road Map that as long as someone has the hunger, desire and willingness to learn and develop we can make anyone be successful.

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