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Sales Progression

We at Smith & Ken feel, that with how crucial and important the transfer of the legal title from one to another is, and the continued changes in the laws and regulations, we decided to use the professional Sales Progression services of Smith & Ken Sales Progression.

Smith & Ken Sales Progression are appointed by Smith & Ken Estate Agents at the time of sale which in Dubai is created by a Memorandum of Understanding, commonly known as an MOU. This MOU is created by two documents known as Form A, the Seller Agency Agreement, and Form B, the Buyer Agency Agreement. Without the two signed, by Law no. 85 of 2006, it's illegal for a Real Estate Broker to create an MOU. These two documents however should be signed at the point of enquiry for either buying or selling as informed in the Buyers Process and Sellers Process respectively on this website.

Once an MOU has been signed by both the Buyer and Seller, a Sales Progression Pack will be sent to both parties from our Compliance Division. This Sales Progression Pack contains various items such as timescales and documents required from each in order to affect the legal transfer for the ownership of title. A case is then created for both the Buyer and Seller, and the user name and password is sent to both so they can log in at any time and view the up to date progression notes. Every time progression notes are added an automatic email will be sent to the Buyer and Seller so they are informed.

For any urgent Sales Progression issues, please email support@smithandken.com and we will get back to you straight away.

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