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Home Buyers Choice

Are you a home buyer or first time buyer and not sure about which area is best for you? Don't worry! We're here to help!

Smith & Ken understands that not many home buyers realise the type of property their money can purchase in Dubai so we have put together a Home Buyers Budget Search which will allow you to enter your budget and then see all the different types of properties your money can buy!

  Enter your budget and see what properties your money can buy!  

And better still, when you see the areas you like, you can use our Home Buyer's Area Tour package to see all these areas for FREE! This will encompass all the important things such as schools, community centres, social and recreational facilities, and other local amenities. Our experts can answer questions on all relevant matters such as service fee's, consumption fee's, and even schooling charges providing a full information guide about your future home.

Call Smith & Ken now on +971 4 439 4300 and we will pick you up within 4 hours from your location or at a time and date which is convenient for you and take you on our Home Buyer's Area Tour.

Or if you'd rather send an enquiry so we can call you instead then please click here to complete the Enquiry Form.

Do you want to see our guides about each area? You'll be able to see the maps of the areas, the average prices, the properties for sale and rent, the nearest schools and metro stations, and the floor plans for each project! Please click here to view the area guides.

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